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Thursday, October 3, 2019

34 Best Pool Designs - Beautiful Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas

Summer, we miss your balmy nights, ice cream delights, and endless light. But most of all, we miss the poolside lounging you deliver. So we rounded up 34 striking swimming pool designs to get inspired by. From a Tuscan-style retreat to a rustic farmhouse swimming pool, these design-savvy pools will make you want to dive right in and turn into a mermaid. So take a mental vacation and jot down some style note from these striking swimming pool design ideas.

1. Invest In an Island
This inground swimming pool is sleek and clean in design. The standout feature is the built-in island, which breaks up the simple shape and offers a surface area to rest your drink or lay out in the sunshine.

2. Play With Shape
This uniquely designed pool is the perfect place for a quick dip. If your outdoor area is built into a hill and needs to be below the deck, or if you're working with a smaller space, consider this your blue print. Round pools are a great way to deviate from the standard rectangular look, too, and we love how the patio above reflects the circle motif.

3. Enhance the Surroundings
With a light stone tile border and gravel walkway, this pool seamlessly blends into its surrounding environment. Even the shutters on the chateau in the distance pick up on the light blue water. For a rustic, grounded feel, take notes from this lovely swimming pool.

4. Go Rustic
Barn doors open onto the patio from the pool house in the rustic pool of our farmhouse dreams. We love the how the pool leads our eyes straight to it. Now if only we actually owned a farmhouse.

5. Focus on the View
The minimalist deck and sleek infinity pool design set the scene and allow our eyes to focus on the gorgeous, expansive vineyard view ahead. Opt for this kind of design if you're drawn to the visual illusion of a never-ending edge.

6. Copy the Bondi Baths
The Bondi Beach baths in Sydney, Australia are a world famous landmark for a reason—they're about as striking as a pool can get. The dramatic seascape is gorgeous enough on its own, but that lap pool that directly transitions into the ocean is enough to make us pack up and move down under right now. While it might be difficult to replicate it completely, the graphic black and white color scheme alone is worth copying.

7. Never Underestimate D├ęcor
Hello, indoor pool of our dreams. With white painted wood panels on the walls, a brushed cement floor, stone tiles, and lantern installations as lighting and artwork, this basement swimming pool space is bursting with style. All it took was a little creativity. The kidney bean shape is also a nod to architect Thomas Church's midcentury masterpiece.

8. Chanel Your Favorite Destination
Take your pool to Tuscany with burnt orange umbrellas, cypress trees, and terra cotta tiles and oversized planters. Instead of a full roof over the patio, mimic this wooden slat overhang to create a nice geometric look while also letting the sun dapple through. And then go pour yourself a glass of red wine.

9. Add Greenery
You don't need a lot of landscaping to make your pool look impressive. A few Italian cypresses can transform a plain pool area into a relaxing retreat.

10. Don't Let Size Stop You
If you have a smaller space but are set on building a show-stopping pool, you can still pack a lot of style punch with colorful tiles. The mosaic green hues in this inground swimming pool mimic the lush greenery while the floor cushions ensure a grounded feel, making it a lovely retreat even if you can't do laps.

11. Add Pops of Color
Gas lanterns on a double porch add a Bahamian vibe to a pool. We love how the pastel blue house is accentuated by the bolster cushions on the lounge chairs, too. Now we're dreaming of the Caribbean.

12. Bring the Outside In
This indoor to outdoor swimming pool is about as unique as it gets. Architecturally striking, this pool also offers up some practical perks. Now you can swim from indoors or outdoors depending on your mood or the season. the glass wall helps ease the transition.

13. Consider Landscaping
Instead of a traditional rectangular swimming pool, build yours around the landscaping design. So if you want space for palm trees and other lush plants or even just an adjacent fire pit, take that into consideration. The shift in shape is also a signifier of shallow water getting deeper, so it's great if there are kids around.

14. Stack Infinity Pools
Why only have one infinity pool when you can have several levels of infinity pools stacked together? The raised design can also be a good way to separate a Jacuzzi and swimming pool. Even better if it's overlooking the ocean.

15. Have Fun With Color
Make a splash with a bold tiles in your pool. Then balance things out with a clean-lined, classic rectangular pool design. If red isn't your color of choice, try something youthful and unexpected but a little softer like Millenial pink.

16. Find Natural Shade
If you have a lot of foliage or tree cover in your backyard, build your pool and hot tub around it to create some natural shade. It looks thoroughly enchanting.

17. Set the Scene
An all-white sitting area off to the side is a sleek background for a pool party. A raffia roof hanging over the deck makes it feel nice and private, too.

18. Keep It Angular
We would gladly do laps in this pool all day, every day. And if you love the angular look of a rectangular pool but want something a bit more offbeat, consider something geometric like this one.

19. Swap Out Umbrellas
Get creative with your poolside umbrellas. Instead of the classic route, opt for a vertical round sunshades like these. And no matter where you live, you can make your yard feel like paradise with sky-piercing palm tress. Coconut cocktails on repeat.

20. Add Mosaic Magic
To create easy water access without having to walk on the grass, add mosaic tiles. They're functional, and they have a nice grid-like aesthetic.

21. Think Big
Instead of a traditional pool house, take note from this large rounded bird's nest-like structure. It gives the pool area an otherworldly appeal and blends into the surroundings beautifully.

22. Make It Kid-Friendly
A sleek, modern swimming pool will age with the house as your kids grow up. But while they're still young, build a water slide and play house structure. It's the ultimate backdrop for making summer memories.

23. Build In a Seating Area
Al-fresco dining, upgraded. The stepping stones make it easy to access when you're not swimming. If you entertain a lot, this unique design is sure to impress guests.

24. Set the Mood
Chose a darker stone tile in your pool area for a moodier environment. Opt for daybeds and cabanas instead of basic lounge chairs to make it feel like a swanky pool club.

25. Add a Spa
Build a custom spa into your pool for the best of both worlds (read: temperatures). Integrate it into the pool, or take note from this raised adjacent spa to offset the shape of the regular swimming pool.

26. Make It Lush
Match your guesthouse to your pool. It adds a pop of color to your yard, and the pastels feel tranquil and upbeat, as a poolside setting should.

27. Make a Statement With Stones
This beach house has a serious wow factor — the living room opens to the pool. If that isn't enough, coral stepping stones at one end let you literally walk on water. Built-in stools are also a good idea.

28. Incorporate Underwater Seating
This ranch house has an underwater bench that runs the length of the 45-foot pool. It's ideal for dogs to get in and out, or for people to lounge.

29. Break Out The Boxwoods
Clipped boxwood and a tall privet hedge dress up a pool. If you're extra fancy, add a pool house.

30. Say Yes to Hedges
We may not be able to have an infinity-edge pool overlooking the ocean, but we can probably handle recreating this living wall. Added perk: It's the perfect photo backdrop for summer parties.

31. Look for Inspiration
Add boxwood parterres and you'll feel like you're living in a palace. Versailles's got nothing on your backyard when it looks like this.

32. Build an Adjacent Gazebo
A gazebo is the perfect addition to an upscale yet quaint backyard. The easy way to update your pool? Upholstery. Yellow cushions make a pool feel even more summery, and you can swap them out for darker colors in the fall/winter.

33. Hang Sheer Curtains
A vacation is as close as your backyard. Gauzy curtains give the pool area a breezy, tropical feel and an added sense of privacy.

34. Construct a Raised Deck
If your pool area is next to your garage or anything else unsightly, construct an elevated deck. Looking at cars while you swim isn't exactly the definition of relaxing. Source: here

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